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Why are so many people using cutter-suction dredgers

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Cutter suction dredger is used by many people. Why is it so good?
Cutter suction dredger is used by many people. Why is it so good? The following small make up for you to introduce in detail: (1) the use of the cutter suction dredger is widely used, can be in the river, lake and sea work, for dredging, channel excavation, blow fill land. Under special circumstances, high-power reamer equipment is installed on the cutter suction dredger to excavate the rock stratum such as basalt and limestone without explosion. (2) Cutter-suction dredger has high operating efficiency, large output value and long pump distance. (3) Cutter suction dredger operation is simple, easy to control. The dredger relies on the stern carriage of the ship to position and step the steel pile, USES the two measuring cables of the reamer jib and the anchor fixed in the trench, is pulled by the reamer, the two compartments swing to cut the sediment material, and works under the certain control swing Angle to pump the stranded material through the slurry pipeline to the accumulation yard. The stepping of the dredger is replaced by two piles of movement, stepping forward. (4) Most small and medium-sized dredgers have no self-propelled system and are towed by tugboats. Small and medium-sized dredgers can be planned and built into an assembly type, which can be transported to the site by land and used after assembly. (5) Good economy of cutter-suction dredger. Material excavation and transport of a one-time completion, do not need other ships to cooperate, several transfer. Relative project cost is lower. (6) Environmental protection to meet the needs of social development.
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